IDBM on the go: Aalto on Waves!

The second big event of IDBM on the go is approaching: Aalto on Waves!

Three students from IDBM have been taking core roles in organising this truly different learning environment: Adalgisa Santos from Aalto School of Arts & Design leading the program team, Nargis Guseynova from the Aalto Schools of Technology as member of the program team as well as Thomas Abrell, who is leading together with Gisa the program team and is moreover responsible for communications & PR for Aalto on Waves.

From IDBM’s staff side, we have Miikka Lehtonen on board, who will host the first part of a 5 ECTS course on Business Modeling and Management on board with focus on Brazilian ventures as well as Mikko Koria who will be leading the second part of the course, a workshop in collaboration with the University of São Paulo about social entrepreneurship.

Besides Business Modeling and Management, Gisa, Nara and Thomas will be doing a TEDx-talk on board as well as a 5 ECTS project with Royal Caribbean Cruises on the crew environment of the ship. Here on IDBM on the go, we will keep you updated about what is happening during our journey!

– Thomas


More information on IDBM can be found at;

the IDBM on the go website can be found at

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Life Drawing, session I and II

Task: Three hours of intensive drawing. Draw portraits of each other, while learning about the basics of life drawing and different techniques.

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Feeling Good Photography

Task: Pair up and make portraits of each other in black and white. Try and catch the essential of the personality. The final picture should please the photographer and the model.

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Aalto on Waves teaser

Aalto on Waves teaser from Aalto on Waves on Vimeo.

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Hello from the Atlantic! Farewell to Europe!

We’re sailing towards Recife, Brazil, our first out of five days at sea. It’s surprisingly calming seeing only water, 360 degrees of straight line horizon. It’s been beautiful weather today, so I’ve been enjoying the sun deck, and all the facilities that the Royal Carribean offers (including free icecream :)). Some of our ship mates have been enjoying rumba and salsa lessons, the latter being organised by Aalto students. I myself have been having fun at at drawing workshop this morning (and learning important skills). Others have been in Future of Learning, Ship Architecture, and Unicef workshops, and in between the fun and partying, I also have some important work to do for the How to Change the World Workshop. The whole day is full of workshops, some you have to be here to understand (like the Jacuzzi workshop). High life at the high seas :)!

Yesterday and the previous day were so choca-packed (that means in New Zealandernese that we had a really full schedule). First we had docked at Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. We had a lovely city tour with the local BEST students (a student engineering organisation), and some of the Aaltoes went surfing. The weather was a bit breezy, but ended with a huge turnout of sunrays during the afternoon. My highlight was watching the boat races by the road, which was full of people, and walking along the coast.

Next stop was Santa Cruz, Tenerife, where fifty-five of us took a bus tour to Mt Teide national park. The views were amazing. We ascended the mountain road through the clouds. Later we visited the city and had a walk around. I heard that there was a beautiful park with funny looking trees that I missed completely, but I found the port quite pretty because of the surrounding mountains.

Back on the boat, we had some surprise after dinner last night, which was a wild ‘walkout’ ala Zoolander, featuring Lasse and Kevin, and it was hilarious. Some unexpected ‘audience participation here’ including me holding a palm leaf and having bits of clothing flying out onto the audience, but it was very fun and hilarious and unfortunately, I think these pics will not make the blog. Something like what happens on the boat stays on the boat, kind of thing ;).

Well pretty tiring day now, I did two drawing workshops which were really fun, and had hour long nap in the sun, had an intense discussion about how to help alzheimer’s caregivers, and now it’s kinda dinner time so good night and see you!
The next time we’ll see land is when we pass Cape Verde.

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Goodbye Lisbon!

We’re eating breakfast in the lounge of our hostel, and its about 2 hours before check-out. Me and some others will do some last minute shopping and sightseeing. People are surprisingly chirpy and awake today, considering the amount of free sangria and beer from last night. Well, time to say farewell to Lisbon! And if you have some friends on waves, don’t be surprised if they are not in touch for a few days. We’re cruising ;). Next stop: Gran Canaria.

Till next time!

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Live from Lisbon!

After a hard long day (me 2am to airport), it was nice finally arriving at the hostel. The views were amazing on the way too. Such old buildings. Me and Seera, being shutterbugs, really took to capturing the city from the bus and by a nice long walk. I started to make a personal travelblog and will post there soon :).
What’s nicer than a nice free dinner after a long day! There’s still groups of people downstairs enjoying their portuguese style chicken and awesome soup and snacks. We’re waiting for the pub crawl, no time to dawdles, so toodles! And catch in on us next time :)!

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Follow the press event live!

The press event was on Tuesday, 14th was streamed live to the internet. We will soon upload the video of it here!

Use twitter hashtag #aaltoonwaves for questions, or post them in our Facebook page.

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Less than 24 hours to go before departure!

By Reina Magica

Photos: Essi Puustinen


Last night’s truly last participant event (in Helsinki) was jam-packed.  Mentally and physically we are almost on the boat, or on a plane in less than 24 hours.  I could tell how everyone was truly excited, and maybe a little panicked (Hey I still need to pack too!), but I’ve never seen so many people at Aalto gathered together truly ecstatic about what’s to come.  We truly deserve it though – All these months of organising this trip for ourselves, making things happen (and did I mention fundraising up to something like 100k), and we are finally well on our way to a trip of a lifetime.  Kudos to everyone who has helped to make this happen!

The night, if you missed it, was a run through of our general schedule and practicalities – Grab some sunscreen, our cool program guides, a shirt (with place to write our cabin number incase you’re lost!), learn about all the cool freetime events and workshops we will be organising.  A little time in between for chatting and eating subs.  A nice finisher at the end was meeting and mingling with almost all the 110 participants on a speeddate style 30 second get-to-know, (I think we got though maybe half :), and the rest we will have to meet on the boat).

Big hooray for our AWESOME t-shirts (thanks to Mikelis Studers for the design), free sunscreen from our sponsor Lumene, and our awesome dinky diaries/schedule books (courtesy of the truly legendary Gisa, Nara, and Thomas, who have been doing so much good work for our trip)!  Bon Voyage Sailors!


Next up: Lisbon!

Stay tuned!


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Waves, here we come!

By Riitta Toivonen

“On a day like this, Columbus discovered America. What are you planning to do?” – Loesje

In the spirit of this cheerful Loesje quote, in just two days the 100-strong group of Aalto on Waves will be embarking on our trip to discovery. An early morning flight will bring us to Lisbon, the beginning port of our cruise – the port of explorer Vasco Da Gama. The two-week cruise across the Atlantic will be packed with workshops and courses, ranging from hard-earned credits to book clubs by the poolside.

Here are just a few picks from the program:

  • Updating the brand image for TEK, SEFE & ORNAMO to be more relevant for students and alumni
  • MIDE think tank designing shopping malls of the future – creating smart and exciting spaces
  • Outotec workplace design workshop
  • TEDx on the Waves 28th Nov
  • Yoga, jiujitsu, capoeira and more on the boat
  • …and whatever else organically arises from these 100 creative minds

Hopping via Recife, Salvador, and Rio de Janeiro, special activities await all the way until São Paulo, our last common stop, where we will have a 3-day fair with University of São Paulo. Not to forget learning local martial arts, and a day experience of giving a helping hand in the favelas. This journey is all about discovering new connections, new angles of thinking, and experiences. Let’s lift the sails!

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