The FAQ were mainly targeted on participants, due to requests from universities from other countries we still leave them online to facilitate the planning of other projects.

1. Who can apply?

Aalto on Waves is intended for all Aalto students (including exhange students), staff members and alumni. We want to encourage people to meet people across their normal boundaries. Hence, there are places available for non-Aalto participants such as students and staff from other universities and countries as well. We also invite company representatives and media to step aboard.

Unfortunately, due to harsh restrictions by the cruise company, we have to set an age limit of 21 years for participants. So if you are born before 18th of November 1990, you are eligible to apply for a journey of a lifetime.

2. How can I apply?

The 2nd application form is now open! You can apply between 15.8.-4.9.2011, see http://www.aaltoonwaves.com/2011/08/15/second-application-round/ for more details.

3. How much does it cost?

We’re working hard to get the cost as low as possible and everyone can lower the price by helping with the fundraising. The target price is under 1000 euros. Keep in mind that the flight back from Brazil is not included in the price. You are free to continue the journey as you wish.


4. What is included?

  • Flight from Helsinki to Lisbon
  • Accommondation in Lisbon
  • Cruise to Brazil (meals included)
  • Accommondation in Brazil until 11.12.2011
  • 100 amazing new friends to get to know to and 101 activities to do with them!

5. How is the ship like?

The ship is Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas. Since there are ca. 2500 places in the ship, there will be also other travellers on board. We will have conference facilities for our own program, but you can also attend many other options that are part of the cruise itself.

You can also check out the cruise company’s own FAQ.

6. I’m a Facebook addict. Is there a possibility to use Internet on-board?

Cruise company says:
Our Internet onboard our ships are satelitte based, so you should have connection throughout the cruise. Be aware that there can be times where you are not anble to conntect to the Internet for different reasons. This is the case of all our sailings, not only transatlantic ones.

Also be aware, that Internet usage can be a little pricey. Although we are working for a better deal for AoW participants. More information of the basic package can be found here.

7. Do I need some vaccinations or preventive medication?

Check out info about general travellers health care recommendations here:

8. What will happen during the journey?

A lot of fun and interesting activities will take place during our journey. Just to briefly mention some of our program: you will get to know at least 100 persons from different backgrounds, learn portuguese, get to know about ships, learn about studying and visit the university at the Canary Islands, learn about the Finnish companies in Brazil, attend workshops, participate in case studies and discussions, gain credit points, publish photos and writings to our website, visit universities in Brazil, do sports and eat well. You will have a chance to organize things, so it’s up to you, what will happen during the journey!

9. I’m worried about sea sickness.

Don’t worry! The ship’s convenience store usually stocks the most common brands of seasickness pills. The cruise ship is huge and has stabilizer systems, but of course one can get sea sick. Best is to prep yourself beforehand, because the pills work only if taken in advance. Hint: don’t lay down once you feel ill, but stay up, go to deck, breath fresh air and look to the horizon.

You don’t have to worry about getting sick on board otherwise either. Here is some info about their medical equipment’s and staff:
The Basics: Medical centers on all Royal Caribbean ships are staffed with a minimum of two fully qualified medical doctors and three registered nurses. Oasis-class ships have a complement of three doctors, five nurses and one medical secretary.
Medical Training: Staff meet ACEP guidelines and have been credentialed to verify current physician or registered nurse licensing. Also required are three years of post-graduate/post-registration clinical practice in general and emergency medicine — or board certification in emergency medicine, family practice or internal medicine. Medical staffers must also have skills in life support and cardiac care. Staff must be fluent in English.
Hours: Set office hours, plus 24-hour emergency services, are available.
Additional Equipment: All ships have 24/7 professional medical consultations available through affiliation with The Cleveland Clinic (Weston, Florida). Helipads for medical evacuation are available on all of the line’s Radiance-, Voyager-, Freedom– and Oasis-class ships.

10. Do I need a visa?

European citizens do not need visa for the journey. Others: contact the Brazilian embassy in Helsinki to make sure if you need a visa or not. We are not organizing any visa’s.

11. My passport is about to expire!

Your passport should be valid 6 months after we enter Brazil. If yours isn’t get a new one fast. Write to all the forms we are asking you to fill in some passport information: “My passport is about to expire, but I will provide you new passport info by xx.xx.2011”. Then we know to expect correct information on a certain date. Please hurry!

12. What does it mean that I’m on the waiting list and what’s my position?

You are waiting for a cancellation place. The most critical time you should keep your fingers crossed is 14.6.-15.7. We are also keeping fingers crossed for you! We will email you directly when there is a place for you to take over.

13. Can I help the organizing team?

Sure! If you want to join the organizing team, contact Timo Salo (timo@aaltoonwaves.com). Or if you want to share your ideas, you can post them  in UserVoice.

More questions?

Feel free to post them on our Facebook community wall. If that’s too open for your needs, you can always send email to info@aaltoonwaves.com.


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