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Feeling Good Photography

Task: Pair up and make portraits of each other in black and white. Try and catch the essential of the personality. The final picture should please the photographer and the model.

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Aalto on Waves teaser

Aalto on Waves teaser from Aalto on Waves on Vimeo.

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Hello from the Atlantic! Farewell to Europe!

We’re sailing towards Recife, Brazil, our first out of five days at sea. It’s surprisingly calming seeing only water, 360 degrees of straight line horizon. It’s been beautiful weather today, so I’ve been enjoying the sun deck, and all the facilities that the Royal Carribean offers (including free icecream :)). Some of our ship mates […]

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Goodbye Lisbon!

We’re eating breakfast in the lounge of our hostel, and its about 2 hours before check-out. Me and some others will do some last minute shopping and sightseeing. People are surprisingly chirpy and awake today, considering the amount of free sangria and beer from last night. Well, time to say farewell to Lisbon! And if […]

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Live from Lisbon!

After a hard long day (me 2am to airport), it was nice finally arriving at the hostel. The views were amazing on the way too. Such old buildings. Me and Seera, being shutterbugs, really took to capturing the city from the bus and by a nice long walk. I started to make a personal travelblog […]

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Follow the press event live!

The press event was on Tuesday, 14th was streamed live to the internet. We will soon upload the video of it here! Use twitter hashtag #aaltoonwaves for questions, or post them in our Facebook page.

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Less than 24 hours to go before departure!

By Reina Magica Photos: Essi Puustinen   Last night’s truly last participant event (in Helsinki) was jam-packed.  Mentally and physically we are almost on the boat, or on a plane in less than 24 hours.  I could tell how everyone was truly excited, and maybe a little panicked (Hey I still need to pack too!), […]

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Waves, here we come!

By Riitta Toivonen “On a day like this, Columbus discovered America. What are you planning to do?” – Loesje In the spirit of this cheerful Loesje quote, in just two days the 100-strong group of Aalto on Waves will be embarking on our trip to discovery. An early morning flight will bring us to Lisbon, […]

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Invitation to press conference

All reporters and media representatives are invited to our joint press conference with Aalto University and Royal Carribean Cruises. The event is held on Tuesday the 15th 14-15 @Aalto School of Economics main building, in the Wihuri Hall. Please rsvp if you plan to join us. The event is also streamed live to the internet on […]

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9 days to go!

Hello sailors and visitors! It’s getting exciting here at Aalto on Waves… Only nine days to go, and so many things going on! We have an awesome schedule planned. There are many student organised workshops onboard, and a AoW exhibition in Sao Paulo. For those out of the loop, remember to sign up for workshops […]

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