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Aalto on Waves celebrating independence day in Sao Paulo

Besides of all the university courses, Aalto on Waves did an amazing ammount of co-operation with the companies. Eight company workshops were held during the cruise. These workshops were for Outotec, Royal Caribbean International, Wärtsilä, TEK, Sefe, Ornamo, World Design Capital 2012 Helsinki and Microsoft. Also eight excursions were organized to: Traffic controlling center in Rio, Angra nuclear plant, Coppe research labs for solarpower, oil pumping, Valtra factory, inside Vision of the Seas and there will be more to come.

For the first cruise days we had some reinforcements from Outotec which sent two employees to work with us and to enjoy the Aalto on Waves spirit. They had an interesting task for us – to help them in designing the new Outotec headquarters. They left the ship in Tenerife with their briefcases full of drawings and fresh ideas from our 14 multitalented participants.

We had a good combination of excursions related to the energy production industry. In addition to visits made to the only Brazilian nuclear powerplant in Angra and a solarpower research center in Rio de Janeiro we are planning an excursion to Brazilians biggest hydroplant in Iguacu Falls.

In the field of marine technology there were variable university courses and company cases worked upon during the cruise. The cruise ship turned out to be an innovative space for this purpose. Therefore many course attendants were spotted working in the control bridge,on the sun deck (during day and night) and of course in the Jacuzzis.

With no doubt, Aalto on Waves has shown that neiher work nor the workplace has to be traditional or boring. An inspiring and fun environment will create innovative results no matter what you are doing.

Otto Virenius

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