MIDE Think Tank – Generating ideas for research projects in an onboard workshop

MIDE (Multidisciplinary Institute of Digitalisation and Energy) is a program that funds and supports 11 important long-term research projects in Aalto University. MIDE is one of the sponsors of Aalto on Waves. Our collaboration included a two-day workshop on board where we brainstormed for new ideas based on real-life challenges taken from three of MIDE’s projects. Workshop participants could choose the most interesting project among the topics of augmented reality, social media and the future of shopping malls. After these three project-specific workshops we gathered the group together to innovate ideas for the future of MIDE.

All of the topics gathered interested participants and the Aalto people were eager to generate ideas as soon as they were unleashed. In the project-specific workshops, we used a methodology called Future Technology Workshop, which switches the participants’ point of view between future technologies and activities and what is already possible today.

The results were creative and almost crazy: augmented reality glasses made out of sunglasses, play-doh animals demonstrating people moving in a shopping mall, friend-sensing belts built from paper and paper clips etc. After two days of intensive workshops, we got a nice list of new ideas to report back to MIDE and its projects. Importantly, the process was also fun for the participants, so we can conclude that all the goals were reached.

We let the following pictures tell the rest of the story of the MIDE Think Tank on board.

Prototyping ideas for future social media services using office supplies as props 


Pitching the personal cloud connection belt prototype

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