Visit to Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – The Second Day

On Friday, December 2nd, we returned to UFRJ for an open talks seminar day. First, Peter Tapio and Mikelis Studers gave a presentation of the Aalto Design Factory. The Brazilians were positively surprised of the fact that DF offers support to all students in the different faculties of Aalto University.

Pedro Nascimento and Henrique Gomes gave the second presentation about Fluxo Consultoria – a non-profit company that helps with start-ups involving undergraduate students. The management team doesn’t get salary but the revenue from the projects is reinvested in the company. The team’s aim is to offer a fresh business experience that will be able to make a positive change in Brazil.

Tapani Alasaarela gave the third presentation about the Aalto Entrepreneurship Society. The aim of Aalto ES is to create a start-up ecosystem of high-value growth in Finland comparable to the Silicon Valley. The main barrier is to change the Finnish entrepreneurship mentality and give opportunity to start-up life around the globe.

Designer Bernardo Senna gave a talk about his work that consisted many areas of design. His aim is to create simple products that can show totally different options to the customer. Professor Atônio Morim gave the fifth talk about brand positioning that involved eg. fuzzy branding and pattern recognition.

Antti Virolainen gave a presentation about Kassi system – a communal lending and renting web service. It was initially designed for the Otaniemi campus but there has been interest in using it on other campuses and communities around the world as well. Also, some Brazilian students showed interest in taking a similar system into use in their own campus area.

Antti Vassinen gave a presentation titled “Marketing Metaphysics”. It was a new viewpoint of marketing theory that derived elements from both Western and Eastern philosophy.

Altogether, the presentations spawned a lot of discussion with the Brazilian students. The day was a long one but very thought-provoking.

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