TEK-SEFE-Ornamo workshop on board Vision of the Seas

TEK-SEFE-Ornamo workshopDuring the cruise, a diverse team of 18 students from all schools of Aalto University gathered together to discuss and develop the future of labour/professional organizations in two three-hour workshops.

Under scrutiny were TEK, SEFE and Ornamo – one for each school of Aalto. First, we examined the workshop group’s current perceptions of these organizations and got to know and analyze what exactly they are offering to their members. Then, we discussed how the changing nature of work and other trends will affect these organizations in the future. How should they communicate and what services and benefits should they offer to be relevant and reach as many people as possible in 2020?

The result was some enlightening analysis of the current situation, as well as interesting viewpoints on the future. We came up with several concrete, small-scale suggestions that would further the organizations’ goals and could be implemented even today, such as improvements on the way masters level students are reached. We then produced more philosophical, farther-reaching contemplations on what roles the organizations could play in the future: maybe the correct way would be to move towards a facilitator of open, honest, two-way discussion between employers and employees, without taking sides so strongly. We also discussed the benefits of centralization of certain functions such as lawyer services and all-around deeper collaboration between all labour/professional organizations. The workshop was a great success, and we look forward to seeing what kind of actions our report will generate in TEK, SEFE and Ornamo.

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