Claudio Portugal – Against destructive mutidiciplinarity and the colonisation of design

This lively, engaging and passionate lecturer talked about a controversial subject in FAU USP on the first day of our AoW Final Exhibition: The porbelms of multidiciplinarity in the field of design. The message was, that multidisiplinarity is good if it brings new ideas to a field, but when outsiders present themselves as experts in a new dicipline without actual competence, the quality of that dicipline tends to erode. This issue is most problematic when it comes to education and teachers without the right education.

One of the reasons behind this direction of destructive multidisiplinarity is the rise of relativism according to Claudio. He thinks that people don’t have the nerve to value things anymore as good or bad. Everything is though to be equal but different. So there is no good or bad design anymore, just “different” design.

As a closing note, he wants other diciplines to come and help make design better, but not to take over and change the field of desing from the outside.

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