Passenger ship architecture course

The course Passenger ship architecture (2 ECTS) was held during the cruising part of AoW. The course is the first part of the Cruise & Ferry Experience module provided by Aalto University School of Engineering. The course was lectured by M.A. Markus Ahola and contained five lectures covering themes of what is a cruise ship, what are its functions and how a cruise ship is developed as a product. Also passenger functions and cruising experience were considered. Using the knowledge from lectures we created new concepts from the approaches of cabin, community, brand and wow-architecture to produce future cruise ships concepts.

The course was interesting and a lot of fun. The lectures were held mostly outside a class room, and creative spaces like a Jacuzzi and the sun deck were used. The different points of approach in concept projects were easy to dig in and got ideas flowing well. Especially those who can add this course into their degree gain advantage in their studies, but also those who can’t learned useful skills of group working, project management, communication between disciplines and overall knowledge of passenger ships.

-Niklas Ilkka

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