IDBM on the go: Aalto on Waves!

The second big event of IDBM on the go is approaching: Aalto on Waves!

Three students from IDBM have been taking core roles in organising this truly different learning environment: Adalgisa Santos from Aalto School of Arts & Design leading the program team, Nargis Guseynova from the Aalto Schools of Technology as member of the program team as well as Thomas Abrell, who is leading together with Gisa the program team and is moreover responsible for communications & PR for Aalto on Waves.

From IDBM’s staff side, we have Miikka Lehtonen on board, who will host the first part of a 5 ECTS course on Business Modeling and Management on board with focus on Brazilian ventures as well as Mikko Koria who will be leading the second part of the course, a workshop in collaboration with the University of São Paulo about social entrepreneurship.

Besides Business Modeling and Management, Gisa, Nara and Thomas will be doing a TEDx-talk on board as well as a 5 ECTS project with Royal Caribbean Cruises on the crew environment of the ship. Here on IDBM on the go, we will keep you updated about what is happening during our journey!

– Thomas


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