IDBM on the go: crew environment

IDBM on the go: crew environment

We are three IDBM students cruising with Aalto on Waves and working on a very interesting project together with Royal Caribbean Cruises – the public spaces for the crew on board of our cruise ship.







It is part of the course “Special Project in IDBM” with the teaching team:
Prof. Dr. Jack Whalen / Aalto School of Arts & Design
Design Ethnography

Prof. Dr. Turkka Keinonen / Aalto School of Arts & Design
User-Inspired Design

Dr. Tuuli Mattelmäki / Aalto School of Arts & Design
Design Probes

Prof. Dr. Mikko Koria / Aalto School of Economics
Design Management

Fernando Secomandi / TU Delft
Service design

The idea of the course is to do a design research project with the crew of the Vision of the Seas to identify design opportunities in the crew public spaces & create a concept based on the insights.
The project consists of a collaborative research part on board the Vision of the Seas as well as a co-creative workshop together with fellow Aalto on Waves participants and crewmembers.
Although we are already identifying design opportunities during our research, we will concentrate after the ship journey on concept development and refinement.








For immersing into the crew’s life, we will use various methods of collaborative research such as probes, empathy and affinity mapping as well as ethnographic methods such as shadowing and observation.

More information about the actual research process will follow 🙂

– Thomas

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