Hello from the Atlantic! Farewell to Europe!

We’re sailing towards Recife, Brazil, our first out of five days at sea. It’s surprisingly calming seeing only water, 360 degrees of straight line horizon. It’s been beautiful weather today, so I’ve been enjoying the sun deck, and all the facilities that the Royal Carribean offers (including free icecream :)). Some of our ship mates have been enjoying rumba and salsa lessons, the latter being organised by Aalto students. I myself have been having fun at at drawing workshop this morning (and learning important skills). Others have been in Future of Learning, Ship Architecture, and Unicef workshops, and in between the fun and partying, I also have some important work to do for the How to Change the World Workshop. The whole day is full of workshops, some you have to be here to understand (like the Jacuzzi workshop). High life at the high seas :)!

Yesterday and the previous day were so choca-packed (that means in New Zealandernese that we had a really full schedule). First we had docked at Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. We had a lovely city tour with the local BEST students (a student engineering organisation), and some of the Aaltoes went surfing. The weather was a bit breezy, but ended with a huge turnout of sunrays during the afternoon. My highlight was watching the boat races by the road, which was full of people, and walking along the coast.

Next stop was Santa Cruz, Tenerife, where fifty-five of us took a bus tour to Mt Teide national park. The views were amazing. We ascended the mountain road through the clouds. Later we visited the city and had a walk around. I heard that there was a beautiful park with funny looking trees that I missed completely, but I found the port quite pretty because of the surrounding mountains.

Back on the boat, we had some surprise after dinner last night, which was a wild ‘walkout’ ala Zoolander, featuring Lasse and Kevin, and it was hilarious. Some unexpected ‘audience participation here’ including me holding a palm leaf and having bits of clothing flying out onto the audience, but it was very fun and hilarious and unfortunately, I think these pics will not make the blog. Something like what happens on the boat stays on the boat, kind of thing ;).

Well pretty tiring day now, I did two drawing workshops which were really fun, and had hour long nap in the sun, had an intense discussion about how to help alzheimer’s caregivers, and now it’s kinda dinner time so good night and see you!
The next time we’ll see land is when we pass Cape Verde.

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