Waves, here we come!

By Riitta Toivonen

“On a day like this, Columbus discovered America. What are you planning to do?” – Loesje

In the spirit of this cheerful Loesje quote, in just two days the 100-strong group of Aalto on Waves will be embarking on our trip to discovery. An early morning flight will bring us to Lisbon, the beginning port of our cruise – the port of explorer Vasco Da Gama. The two-week cruise across the Atlantic will be packed with workshops and courses, ranging from hard-earned credits to book clubs by the poolside.

Here are just a few picks from the program:

  • Updating the brand image for TEK, SEFE & ORNAMO to be more relevant for students and alumni
  • MIDE think tank designing shopping malls of the future – creating smart and exciting spaces
  • Outotec workplace design workshop
  • TEDx on the Waves 28th Nov
  • Yoga, jiujitsu, capoeira and more on the boat
  • …and whatever else organically arises from these 100 creative minds

Hopping via Recife, Salvador, and Rio de Janeiro, special activities await all the way until São Paulo, our last common stop, where we will have a 3-day fair with University of São Paulo. Not to forget learning local martial arts, and a day experience of giving a helping hand in the favelas. This journey is all about discovering new connections, new angles of thinking, and experiences. Let’s lift the sails!

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