Less than 24 hours to go before departure!

By Reina Magica

Photos: Essi Puustinen


Last night’s truly last participant event (in Helsinki) was jam-packed.  Mentally and physically we are almost on the boat, or on a plane in less than 24 hours.  I could tell how everyone was truly excited, and maybe a little panicked (Hey I still need to pack too!), but I’ve never seen so many people at Aalto gathered together truly ecstatic about what’s to come.  We truly deserve it though – All these months of organising this trip for ourselves, making things happen (and did I mention fundraising up to something like 100k), and we are finally well on our way to a trip of a lifetime.  Kudos to everyone who has helped to make this happen!

The night, if you missed it, was a run through of our general schedule and practicalities – Grab some sunscreen, our cool program guides, a shirt (with place to write our cabin number incase you’re lost!), learn about all the cool freetime events and workshops we will be organising.  A little time in between for chatting and eating subs.  A nice finisher at the end was meeting and mingling with almost all the 110 participants on a speeddate style 30 second get-to-know, (I think we got though maybe half :), and the rest we will have to meet on the boat).

Big hooray for our AWESOME t-shirts (thanks to Mikelis Studers for the design), free sunscreen from our sponsor Lumene, and our awesome dinky diaries/schedule books (courtesy of the truly legendary Gisa, Nara, and Thomas, who have been doing so much good work for our trip)!  Bon Voyage Sailors!


Next up: Lisbon!

Stay tuned!


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