9 days to go!

Hello sailors and visitors! It’s getting exciting here at Aalto on Waves… Only nine days to go, and so many things going on! We have an awesome schedule planned. There are many student organised workshops onboard, and a AoW exhibition in Sao Paulo. For those out of the loop, remember to sign up for workshops and get involved in organising events! Its an experience we won’t forget!

There’s no time to sit and twiddle our thumbs, because we have some mega events coming up before we leave!

Mark your calendars:

8th Nov. HUB Helsinki Breakfast presentation – Lassela Korpela presenting the Aalto on waves concept
14th Nov Mega Bon Voyage party – Fourth participant event! @Design Factory
+ some surprise events, stay tuned!

And remember to pack! 🙂

Até logo!
AoW Communications team

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