Ship visit

Ship lobbySince we are a big deal (at least in quantity)  for Royal Carribean cruise lines, we got a chance to visit the ship we are using, while it was docked for a day in Helsinki.

It’s a called the Vision of the Seas, and while it’s from the smaller-end of the Royal Carribean’s fleet, it’s still 62 meters longer (264m vs. 202m) than the Silja Europa that is “the big ship” us finns are used to. And needless to say, it’s nothing like the standard car ferries from the inside either. These ships are designed for people to enjoy them.

Since it’s an transatlantic cruise, there are not many organizations travelling. This means we’ll have a really good access to the ships conference areas, rooms and services. This will allow us to easily organize all of the amazing workshops and projects already planned for the journey. And to top it all, all of the crew we met were really friendly, helpful and professional, so we were able to get the answers to all of the questions we had. This will be awesome.

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