Ahoy from captain!!

Around year ago I applied for Aalto on Tracks. One of the best decisions in my life! Because of the trip I had to re-arrange many things, fail one course, start summer job later, miss some parties… but it was completely worth it! Pushing myself out of my “comfort zone” and jumping into a trans-Siberian train with 80+ people I didn’t know in advance, was a very unique and wonderful experience. I learned a lot about cultures, people, business and most of all, myself. In addition to that, I got to experience “series of awesome random events” (as we later defined it), such as having sauna on a rooftop in Shanghai, talking our group into a free wine tasting with a Korean military group, sunrise on lake Baikal, eating the most random food… I could write a book just about the greatest moments of our trip!

After Aalto on Tracks, we were super-excited about our experience and kept on arranging cool events together during all summer, as we had developed a special bond within the group. It felt like a group of kids after an awesome roller-coaster ride, rushing back into the line and screaming “Again!! Again!!”. So here it is: round number two. Group of participants from Aalto on Tracks decided to make it happen and invited some new faces with new ideas along. Now we have an amazing organizer group together, including students of technology, business, arts&design and everything in between. There are people with different interests, nationalities and ages but we share a common goal of creating an awesome once-in-a-lifetime journey. And I feel that with these people, we can only succeed!

Aalto on Waves will continue in the footsteps of Aalto on Tracks. However, it will be something very different. This time, we will head to a new interesting destination: to explore Brazil! We want to make the most out of the traveling part by choosing a transatlantic ship instead of just flying, as we learned at Aalto on Tracks that the journey can be as important as the destination. We are aiming high: to make Aalto on Waves even bigger and better than Aalto on Tracks! It’s a huge challenge, but we are determined to reach the same legendary status that Aalto on Tracks has 🙂 I also really hope that someone will later take the challenge to create something even better than Aalto on Waves…

So, step out of your comfort zone and get on board! Trust me, you will not regret it!


Niina Gromov
Main Organizer, wannabe captain 😉

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